Mor Swimmy


The latest modern take on an iconic retro style, the one colour pliable latex swimming hat will create a truly elegant vintage look, understated and flexible for a comfortable and flattering fit. The hat before use may feel less pliable but after the first use it becomes softer and pliable.
Manufactured in one size adults these new subtle yet striking hats are ideal for all levels of swimming and can be used at the beach, in the pool, hot tub or spa, outdoor open water swimming and is the perfect accessory to complete a stylish look, it can also be worn when you exercise in the water or synchronised swimming.
Change your style by removing the easy fastening chin strap or leave it attached for a more secure fit which will leave you to relax and enjoy your swim, note the studs used to attach the strap will be visible if you remove the strap.
Please note this swimming hat is not designed to be 100% waterproof however it will help reduce the amount of hair that gets wet and will allow you to tuck your hair in for additional modesty and style, an elegant look both poolside and in the water.


  • Model Lily
  • Colour White
  • With Strap
  • Size Generous One Size Adults
  • ex-display dead stock

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