Mor Swimmy

Waterproof pouch small (green) - 20cm

Designed by us and made here in Penzance.

These pouches are designed to keep your personal belongings dry in your swim bag. Made from 100% organic cotton with a waterproof zip.

Fabric made in Dundee by an independent firm with over 150 years of expertise. They specialise in waxed cotton and weatherproofed fabrics using responsibly sourced cotton and low impact manufacturing. This innovative set of fabrics explores the re-purposes of ‘waste’ by-products and continues to push the boundaries for more sustainable products- evermore ensuring great protection from the elements.

Yellow and Pale Green: Extracted from honey combs, beeswax is a natural finish on sustainable cotton.
The colours in the range were inspired by the various colour of pollen from locally growing plants.

Dark Olive Green: A gentle protective blend of plant based waxes and oils chosen to complement the natural character of our organic cottons. EverWax™ Olive has a soft matt finish with a subtle patina that will develop over time.

Deep red Lining: A fluorocarbon free medium weight 100% organic cotton rip stop.

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