Do you do discount incentives?

Nope, sorrreeee!

You're basically waiting for that pop-up box right? with the 10% off if you give us your email bribe? Nah, that's just not our style.

We basically decided to keep our prices low and pass that saving on to our customers all day, every day. So you really are getting the best price we can offer.

Why don't you do returns?

We are trying really hard to reduce waste and stuff being made that can't be sold. Since we are only online now to keep our costs to our customers down, we'd have no way of re-selling returned goods.

All of our pieces are made to order, so we can't take them back BUT we are trying to give a super accurate size guide so you can make sure you choose the correct size. We are trying to reduce impulse purchases and encourage more considered, slow fashion movement for the health of our planet and how we consume.

Do you do Wholesale?

Nope. Sorry. We get asked so much! But if we did wholesale we'd have to raise our prices astronomically to other retailers could make a profit and we could price ours at the same price as theirs to keep it fair. So we decided to keep you all to ourselves [insert evil laugh]

Why don't you do fancy packaging?

We are in the process of trying to work out the best packaging. At the moment our bags are 30% recycled plastic and can be recycled... if we don't use plastic in some form, our apparel could get damaged by the elements in transit.

We haven't created tons of flyers and fancy tissue etc. as we prefer to pass the saving onto you guys. Also we didn't want to create yet more superfluous stuff that might end up in the bin. So we decided to keep it simple

Can I find your stuff in shops?

No. Due to trying to keep our prices affordable (see wholesale question above) we only sell online through us... this way we can stay in touch with all of our mor swimmy gang